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Active Child

Curtis Lane (E.P)

active-child-curtis-lane Curtis Lane (E.P)

Debut EP from Los Angeles singer-songwriter Pat Grossi, combining layer upon layer of gorgeously crafted sound with a voice of quivering, celestial delicacy. The saintly, choir of crying seraphs that is ‘I'm In Your Church At Night’, the starry-eyed rise and rise of ‘When Your Love Is Safe’, the gossamer-fine euphoria of ‘Take Shelter’. Amen to that we say. Amen.

“Music so overwhelmingly pretty that it absorbs whatever is around it” - Pitchfork

“A solemn kind of white winter hymntronica…The instrumentation and singing on – and general atmosphere of – these songs is just crying out to be described in quasi-religious terms.”
- The Guardian

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