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Teengirl Fantasy

7AM (Album)

Screen shot 2012-10-23 at 21.03.25 7AM (Album)

(7AM is released September 13 and pre-ordered items will ship prior to that)

Debut LP from the dance/electronic duo of Nick Weiss and Logan Takashi, following the 7" single Portofino/New Image Everyday released on Merok.

Consisting of an entirely new set of songs, "7AM" is the first comprehensive exploration of Teengirl Fantasy's singular re-imagining of club music. In the bands words, "It is meant to evoke the sort of confused, dreamy, half-awake, half-asleep state that one experiences after staying up all night partying. Somewhere between bliss, exhaustion, melancholy, start of a new day, end of a night”.

From the dramatic break that splits “Forever the Feeling” into two exultant parts, to the soulful heart-break of “Dancing in Slow Motion”, featuring the vocal talents of Shannon Funchess, aka Light Asylum, to the unrelenting gospel-tinged trance of “Cheaters”, it is also the crystallization of an adventurous and ever-exploring band coming firmly into it's own.

“Impressionist club music that you can't really dance to, like a pillhead puking a watercolour while listening to a collage of breakdown off 'Massive Dance Hits 99'.” - NME

“Teengirl Fantasy make dream music. With a beat.” - Pitchfork

“Not a tweeny pop band as the name might imply, but rather, two Ohio students composing lush, deep House tracks” - Dazed And Confused


1. Vibes (5:19)
2. In An Arena (2:54)
3. In The Rain (4:01)
4. Make The Move (2:08)
5. Floor To Floor (5:04)
6. Cheaters (6:31)
7. Dancing In Slow Motion (feat. Shannon Funchess) (3:40)
8. Koi Pond (4:17)
9. Forever The Feeling (5:32)

Price: £6.99

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